Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wrapping it up, and a big Thank-You

New Years' Day, 2014. It's time to wrap this blog up.

Firstly, here's a final photo, of me, on elephant-back, taken by Michel Hebert, a Canadian academic I met in Kaziranga National Park (thank you Michel):

And here is a list of all the great people I met, who helped me, who drank with me, and generally confirmed my belief in human nature:

In no particular order -

  • M. Michel Hebert, Kaziranga National Park, Assam. Thank-you for sharing a beer and taking the photo here.
  • Mr Jayanta Kumar Das, Kalaigaon [] []. Thank-you for helping me find what I went to India looking for.
  • Mr Habibur Rahman, Officer in Charge, Kalaigaon Police Station, Kalaigaon, Assam. Thank-you for the amazing help in finding what I came to look for.
  • Mr Kabir Borpatra Gohain, Guwahati, Assam. Thanks for sorting out my phone, and the beers in that really cool bar in Guwahati (and the crazy motorbike ride to get there !).
  • Mr A.S.B. Dutt, Tezpur Station Club, Assam. Thank-you for showing me around and looking through the old records.
  • Sonam, Sonam's Kitchen, Darjeeling, West Bengal. Thanks for the great atmosphere and the great food []
  • Mr and Mrs Darshan Singh Lehl, Darjeeling, West Bengal. Thanks for the chat and the evenings drinking in the Hotel Mohit bar. A bar without beer? 
  • Robbie 
  • Oliver, Anna and Henry, Kolkata, Darjeeling and Delhi. We seemed to have organised a parallel trip! Thank-you for sharing it and the advice in Kolkata, and for spending my birthday evening with Jenny and me at Sonam's.
  • Fiona and Tod (The Beard), Darjeeling Railway Station, West Bengal [], []. Friendly faces at a sort of frustrating time, and the book is great !


  1. Hi Paul, I was reading your letter your 1917 you put online. Your letter mentioned George Bridge, a planter in the Assam/Mangaloi district. Well, he happens to be my great great grandfather. He set up some plantations there. I came across his name by accident ( I am, myself, going to this region 18/12/15 to also find any trace of him. Any advice would be great seeing our rleations crossed paths a century ago! regards Paul

  2. oh, you can contact me if you like at: