Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A recursive post - how I'm updating this blog...

I thought I'd note down the tools of the trade for keeping this blog updated.


* iPad (happens to be a 64GB iPad 3 with 3G, not that the 3G is set up but it means the GPS works)
* Canon D600 SLR
* Apple iPad camera kit (basically an SD card reader for iPad)
* the Google Blogger app (I could just use the website but this way I can write posts offline)
* the Apple iPhoto app
* iPad charger and travel adapters
* hotel or café Wi-Fi


1/ Open the Photos app, plug the camera's SD card into the camera kit card reader and plug it into the iPad's dock socket. Pick the photos to download & download them.

2/ create an album for the new photos (makes them easier to find)

3/ open iPhoto and touch up photos as required

4/ save edited photos to the "camera roll"

5/ open the Blogger app

6/ create a new post, write some stuff, add the location (if you're online). Tap the photo button (rather than the camera button), and add some photos from the camera roll, or an album.

7/ Save, then, when happy, Publish

8/ View blog

9/ Hit the Twitter link to share to twitter. The Blogger app itself only supports sharing to Google+.

10/ Bask in the glory, or, at least, order another Kingfisher from the barman (as I'm about to do now)...

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