Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Elephants, One-Horned Rhino, and a glimpse of a Tiger !

Three safaris in one day:

5:15am (yes, really), taken to Kaziranga Central Range, for an Elephant-Back safari. This was brilliant, sat on top of an elephant for an hour (with two other people who I believe we're Finnish), we saw Elephant, Rhinos, Deer & Boar in an hour.

Then, back to the resort for breakfast.

7:45am (yes, really), picked up in a Maruti Suzuki Jeep for a 2 hour safari in the Western Range. Elephant, Deer, and a close encounter with a very large Rhino. Also brilliant ! Interestingly, there's also a guard, armed with a rifle...

Then, back to the resort for lunch.

1:45pm, picked up in the same Jeep, this time for what turned out to be well over 3 hours, on the Central Range. Another armed guard. These are there to protect the visitors, hopefully by scaring any animals thinking of attacking a Jeep, rather than killing anything... This time, we obviously saw Rhino, Elephant, Eagles, Pelicans, Turtles, Kingfisher (not the beer, the bird), Boar... But also a Tiger (or at least the glimpse of a tiger) - brilliant !!

Very, very, tired now. An early night, and back to Guwahati in the morning, via Nagaon.

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